Welcome to the Virtual Tactical Air Squadron (“VTAS”).  This communication will introduce you to the squadron, its members, and organization.  It will also serve to familiarize you with the VTAS Mission, Code of Conduct and will discuss how the squadron is run.  We look forward to your participation in VTAS, and your personal contribution to the squad.


VTAS flys all planes, countries, and physics environments. We also compete in most FA tournaments.  VTAS also plays SIGNIFICANT leadership roles in the FA Semi-Historical events run by KForce. VTAS_Sgt_Rock has been the Air Marshall (Commander of one side - up to 500 pilots or more) in 5 of the last 6 Semi-Historical events and many Squadron members have been Sector, Squadron and Flight Commanders.  Many others have served on the "Command Staff." This team approach has led to a perfect 5-0 record.

VTAS is an older Squadron, with most of its active members being over 30 years old. The total age range is 21-62. Many of us are former Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen or Marines, with one former Canadian Army and one former British Army member. VTAS is comprised of  pilots from the USA, Canada, Britain, Mexico and Sweden.

By accepting membership in VTAS, you agree to live up to the standards embodied in, and abide by the following:




VTAS was formed in early November, 1998.  Initially the squadron’s Plank-Holders (initial members - “PHs”) met during their participation in a Fighter Ace (“FA”) semi-historical event called North Africa.  After North Africa, some of the PHs formed a team to compete in the FA squad event, Real Route 66.  Having had so much fun flying together in North Africa and Real Route 66, the Squadron was formed officially. Since then members of VTAS have held significant roles in many FA events. The name “VTAS” was created by PH VTAS_MageDogTag, who was an important founding member of VTAS.


Mission Statement.


To work together loyally and effectively as a team and hone our flying and fighting skills, thereby shaping the squadron into a lethal instrument, while at all times being honorable and courteous to our opponents, and not forgetting to have fun.






Commanding Officer



Executive Officer



Operations/Tactics Officer


Training/Moral Officer


Active Duty Flying Officers  





Code of Conduct.


Both the Microsoft Zone and FA have rules of behavior and/or codes of conduct, which are incorporated herein by this reference.  In addition, VTAS has the following tenets which form the basis of our Code of Conduct (“COC”).  This list is not exhaustive, and the VTAS leadership reserves the right to interpret the behavior of members in light of these standards and the COC.


Thursdays 6:00PM and Saturdays 10:00AM





At present, VTAS is actively recruiting.  We have set an initial target strength at 35 pilots.  All members are free to discuss recruitment with non-members.  However, VTAS is an invitation only squadron, and there is a screening process, including interviews by the C.O., X.O. and others as well as flying try-outs, with and against team members.


Decision Making.


VTAS is a hybrid quasi military, but semi-democratic squadron.  Officially, all decisions are finaled by the C.O.  In reality current members will attest that the opinions of all are solicited and we frequently make decisions via popular vote.  This is especially so in the area of tournament participation and strategy.


With regard to good order and discipline, those decisions are made by the C.O. and X.O. after meeting and conferring together and with any relevant parties.



The Future.


It is the goal of VTAS to be a positive and influential part of the FA community.  We endeavor to become an established squadron known for its skill, good manners and stability.  We look forward to you positive contribution toward this end.



VTAS Rocks !