Rec Room

"The following is a list of favorite quotes, thoughts, and things particular members of VTAS might say.  The views or depictions are fictitious and by no means necessarily reflect the views of the VTAS member 'quoted' or any other member of the VTAS squadron".

The Following Sound clips were by request, if any VTAS member wants a sound clip of a particular subject or phrase email



1.  This is a famous Quote I'm sure you will hear VTAS_Sgt_Rock say if you ever meet him. Click Here

2.   Famous Quote of VTAS_Sgt_Rock. Click Here

3.  A sound you may here from the communications room, to and from VTAS_Sgt_Rock's Radio in his plane.   Click Here

4.  You are in trouble when VTAS_Guderian says this to you. Click Here

5.   A phrase VTAS_Guderian says when he has to leave or is hungry.      Click Here

6.   While on the ground training, you might hear these sounds coming from the Drill Sgt. Click Here

7.   What I know of VTAS_Lasher13 , words like these would come easy for him.   Click Here

8.    A challenge or insult , was issued by VTAS_MageDogTag to Orange Flight Group, this was VTAS_Guderian's response to it.  Click Here

9. VTAS_MageDogTag's response to VTAS_Guderian about his comment. Click Here

10. This is what VTAS_Gusto said to me today, right before shooting me down(opposite sides of course)  Click Here

11. The way I've seen VTAS_Jabo fly, I would think he would say something like this upon entering a room. Click Here

12. VTAS_ntguy looping up in his plane , taking out enemy. Click Here

13.  A message from VTAS_Sgt_Rock to all new members. Click Here

14. This is what VTAS_Death would sound like. Click Here

15. Friday and Saturday night VTAS meetings sound like this. Click Here