I have been flying bombers extensively since I began playing the Beta. I can hit targets from 1,000 to 26,000 feet dead on. I was in Intermediate Territorial Combat doing it to SU yesterday. Do not worry about the ticks. Let me tell you how easy it is to hit a target from ANY height.

This post will incorporate things have learned flying bombers and will hit many points. I invite anyone and everyone to add to the discussion. Lets see what everyone has learned.

What I do is first get Altitude. Yes this is extremely time consuming. It takes me over 20 minutes to get to 25k in the B-17.Depends on fuel load and ordnance weight. The B-17 is a pig fully loaded. She doesnít like to climb. Before I take off I decide what my target is. In a heavy bomber I go for Strategic targets/ Big targets. They hurt the enemy down the road (IE tank production/Ordnance loss) and they are easier to hit from High Altitude. Once I get to about 20k I will start heading towards my target. Aim for it dead on. I always come from a direction enemy wonít expect me to.It is extremely important you are in line on your target at least 4 squares away.Being that you are this high you generally have free reign. Most fighter pilots in TC donít go that high. Not only due to Fuel consumption getting up there, but also the time involved and other reasons. One time over GB I had 5 fighters swarming below me but couldnít get me. Nothing they could do could stop me from laying my eggs. After lining up on the target I will switch from Map, to Bombardier, to Radar. Keep checking my position, Check my fuel situation, check for enemy fighters, and look at the map to make sure I am not flying thru AA emplacements on the way to the target. Once I get close and everything is good I switch to Bombardier mode. Once in Bombardier mode you have to be VERY VERY easy on the controls. No sudden movements.. Very easy.. Treat the stick with care. In bombardier view forget everything and look at the RED line above the

Reticule. That RED line is where your bombs are going to fall. The Bombsite will adjust itself to whatever height youíre at. Do not worry about the ticks or whatever.. I watch the target come up and as soon as the RED line is fully on the Target I Drop my eggs. I hit dead on EVERY time! No matter what Height I am at. BAM the targets are destroyed. Once your bombs are released hit F8 and watch the target area. Watch your eggs blossom on the targets. Just remember to take your time. The red line MUST be on the target or the bombs will miss.

Okay some other things I learned.

1.      Use 500lb Bombs. They really do a nice amount of damage. Are good for tank busting. And even in the case of a near miss you can still destroy a target.

2.      When attacking tanks do NOT try to look for their Tags (T). Make sure your graphics are turned up and what you do is use the Radar to come in at them. Come in from the opposite direction they are moving to. Then look for their TRACKS. You can see them churning up the dirt (Dust Cloud) as they are moving. Lay your eggs slightly ahead of the lead set of dirt tracks And Sprinkle the 500lbers onto them down the line... Trust me you can get 3-5 in a clip. I do it. The only tanks you will have a problem with are GE.

3.      Those guys are tough. Maybe you get 2-3. But with the rest I get between 3-5 if I drop the bomb correctly and I have some fighter cover.

4.      Fuel states. Heavy Bombers carry a LARGE amount of fuel. In the B-17 I flew for 45 minutes at 20k and still had over 50% fuel remaining. But, Just remember. The more fuel you put on your bird the harder she will be to take off, to fly, and to climb. One thing I suggest is no matter what fuel you put on the plane, if your in a heavy bomber ALWAYS switch to your countries BOMBER BASE. The field is much longer and you can take off easier. Also it is generally far from the fighting action and will let you get Altitude without too much worry of enemy fighter Attacks.

5.      If attacked by an enemy fighter. What I learned is do your BEST not to head on an enemy Fighter. If they head you on your crew will be killed and you die. Remember SA is the most important thing when flying a bomber. SA and Altitude. What I do is if an enemy plane(s) is coming towards me I will turn hard to get him/her on my backside. Or at an angle to my right. GO full throttle. As he/she gets closer I cut power all the way and turn slightly to my right. A very slight turn. Just enough to let the side gunners get a shot too. Usually what happens is the enemy fighter closes in and BAM my gunners explode them. I have done this many many times. One time I got 3 fighters on my way back to base. I was so happy I had to check my pants.But just remember. Get the enemy to your rear and to the right. Your gunners will chew them up for breakfast.As the Beta develops the Bomber gunners will become a lot fiercer and fire longer ranges....


Well thatís all I can think of right now. Again this is not scientific data or anything. This is what I have learned from flying Bombers for many many months. I invite you all to try what I have said out and see how it works for you. Also if anyone has anything to add lets hear it.. I love learning new things...

Is anyone an expert at fighter bombing? I am getting better but I still need to work on it. Anyone have any tips?



For formation flying in threeís.Have a leader in center and guide to him.If you are on the left only worry about where you are in relation to the leader's left wing tip.Do not worry about the guy to your right or to your rear.† The lead plane will be maintaining spacing from the group in front of them or to the right.Also lead planes should set throttle below 100 at all times when in formation.If optimum setting is 85 then stay there.This allows the wingmen to increase decrease T setting to stay in formation.


If you are hit and unable tokeep up or maintain position in formation drop out to your side of the leader and down.Try to avoid collisions at all costs.Do not bail out until you are out of the Formation.When you bail you send out 13 little aerial mines called your crew.Also the Bomber will fly uncontrollably.If a crewman hits another plane in the formation that plane will explode.If your bomber is careening around in the bomber stream, same problem.

Spacing will be key in defending against enemy fighters.Try to stay between 500 and 1000 ft of your leader plane.This allows you to be covered by their guns and you to cover them.Individual groups of bombers should try to maintain this interval as well.Altitude spacing is not quite as critical but should not be more than 200 ft up or down.Make sure that you are not directly below another bomber.If they drop their bombs they will hit and kill you.Also this will mask your guns and not allow you to support the other group.