A Printable expanded Command listing for FA II compiled by USAAF_Habu



Joystick Button

Left Bank ;
Right Bank
Pitch Nose Up /
Pitch Nose Down [
Rudder Pedal: Right X
Rudder Pedal: Left Z
Trim Controls/Time Compresson Value T
Center Rudder Control S
Flaps Extend F
Flaps Retract D
Select/deselect Engine 1 Control Shift E 1
Select/deselect Engine 2 Control Shift E 2
Select/deselect Engine 3 Control Shift E 3
Select/deselect Engine 4 Control Shift E 4
Engine On/Off Ctrl E
Increase Throttle =
Decrease Throttle -
Maximum Throttle Shift =
Minimum Throttle Shift -
War Emergency Power On Ctrl W
Landing Gear: Raise/Lower G
Dive Brakes: On/Off V
Wheel Brakes B
Full Wheel Brakes Ctrl B
Oxygen On/Off Ctrl O
Eject and Bail out Alt E (twice) Alt E (opens chute)
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Sound Effects Volume: Decrease Alt -
Sound Effects Volume: Increase Alt =
Engine Volume: Decrease Shift -
Engine Volume: Increase Shift =
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Fire guns Space bar
Fire Rockets Ctrl Space
Drop Bombs Alt Backspace
Drop Fuel Tanks Ctrl Backspace
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Cockpit View F2
Full Screen View F3
3d Cockpit View Ctrl F4
Padlocked 3D Cockpit View of Enemy F4
Padlocked 3D Cockpit View of Teammate Alt F4
Extenal View Parallel to Plane F7
Extenal View Parallel to Ground F8
Stationary Camera View: Repeat Pan F9
Stationary Camera View w/tracking F10
Bombardier View: on/off Backspace
External Tank Groups View Shift F7
View Up NumPad 5
View Forward NumPad 8
View Left NumPad 4
View Right NumPad 6
View Back NumPad 2
View Left Back NumPad 1
View Right Back NumPad 3
View Right Forward NumPad 9
View Left Forward NumPad 7
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Visual Information
Name of Player Tags: Show/Hide Alt F5
Distance from Player: Show/Hide Ctrl F5
Camp (Country) Tags: Show/Hide Ctrl Alt F5
Rank of Player Tags: Show/Hide Ctrl Shift F5
Squadron Tags: Show/Hide Alt Shift F5
Highlight Airfields for visibility: on/off Alt F3
Ground Grid: on/off Ctrl F3
Increase Smoke Trail Length Shift F9
Altitude Show Type: Toggle Alt A
Speedometer Display Type: Indicated/True Alt S
Turn Flight/Scoring Data: on/off Ctrl S
Status Line: Short/Full Alt D
Damage Information Screen: on/off Ctrl D
On Screen Message Mode: Toggle on/off Alt M
Change analog control in screen slot 1 Ctrl 1
Change analog control in screen slot 2 Ctrl 2
Change analog control in screen slot 3 Ctrl 3
Change analog control in screen slot 4 Ctrl 4
Change analog control in screen slot 5 Ctrl 5
Analog Controls: Show/Hide Ctrl 6
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Quick Referrence Screen: on/off F1
Help: on/off Ctrl F1
In Game Help Alt F1
Communications Log Screen: on/off L
Player Score Screen: on/off Alt L
Countries Score Screen: on/off Ctrl L
System Report Screen: on/off Shift L
Player Roster Screen: on/off Alt P
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Radar (available in Full View Only): on/off Ctrl R
In Game Map M
Strategic Map View Ctrl M
Tactical Map View Shift M
Padlock View: Nearest Enemy E
Padlock View: Nearest Enemy in View Alt V
Padlock View: Nearest Teammate in View W
Padlock View: Next Enemy/Teammate in View .
Padlock View: Previous Enemy/Teammate in View ,
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Send Radio Message to All Enter
Send Radio Message To Enemy 7
Send Radio Message to Teammmate 8
Send Predefined Message to All Alt Enter
Send Predefined Message to Enemy Alt 7
Send Predefined Message to Teammate Alt 8
Send Direct Message to Pilot Ctrl Enter
Move to Next Message/Airfield (in map mode) Tab
Move to Previous Message/Airfield (in map mode) Shift Tab
Select First Message Home
Select Last Message End
Channel Chat Control: From Enemy C E
Channel Chat Control: From Teammate C T
Channel Chat Control: From Squadron C S
Channel Control: 1 C 1
Channel Control: 2 C 2
Channel Control: 3 C 3
Channel Control: 4 C 4
Channel Control: 5 C 5
Channel Control: 6 C 6
Channel Control: 7 C 7
Channel Control: 8 C 8
Channel Control: 9 C 9
Channel Control: 0 C 0
Create Replay: on/off Shift R
Manual Playback Mode (exterior view etc) BackSpace
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Faster Performance
Decrease Smoke Trail Length Ctrl F9
Increased Ground Detail: on/off Shift F8
Haze: on/off Alt F8
Terrain Shadows: on/off Ctrl F8
Decrease View Size/Map Detail/Bomb Sight Ctrl NUMPAD -
Increase View Size/Map Detail/Bomb Sight Ctrl NUMPAD +
Maximize View Size/Map Detail Ctrl NUMPAD *
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Camera Control
Camera View: Rotate Left 1
Camera View: Rotate Right 2
Camera View: Zoom In 3
Camera View: Zoom Out 4
Camera View: Raise 5
Camera View: Lower 6
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Time Compression in offline play: on/off Ctrl T
Pause P
Save Screenshot as SHOTxxxBMP Ctrl Z