FA II Territorial Combat Arenas

In   Territorial Combat, players can trigger ground forces in the form of tanks and supply trains by attacking ground targets by air. The AI will create tank units for both attack and defense based on these triggers.

As a player this is what you want to do:

  • Select your aircraft based on your mission. If you want to trigger an airfield or factory, bombs work the best. If your target is tanks the weapon of choice is rockets and heavy cannon.
  • Strike selected ground targets such as rail stations, factory and airfield facilities. For airfields, fuel tanks (white cylinders on their side next to the field), control towers (with a flag), and ammo buildings (long, low brick buildings) are the ideal targets. Hitting ammo and fuel will deny these to the enemy at that field. Hitting factories will reduce the overall supply of ammo, fuel, bombs, rockets and airplanes.
  • This is a TEAM thing. Unescorted ground attack fighters and bombers will not fair well against a determined fighter force. Talk to the folks on your country and cooperate for maximum effectiveness.
  • Kill attacking tanks! Every tank you can kill from the air is one less that your defensive tanks have to deal with. Unopposed tanks at a factory or airfield will occupy that location. Tanks show on your Strategic map as T's. All of your tanks will show and enemy tanks within comm. range will show as well.
  • Defend your tanks! The enemy wants to eliminate them. If you don't escort them and provide air cover they will be decimated before they reach their targets or will provide inadequate defense for your airfields and factories.Again communication and cooperation is paramount for success.
  • Attack trains and train stations. The trains distributes the supplies so interdicting these targets will affect your enemy's ability to attack and defend.
  • Use the Strategic Map(cntrl m) to see where your tanks are attacking. To switch back to Tactical Map press shift m.

The territorial combat map is divided into 5 equal wedge shapes with the GE at the top of the map followed (clockwise) by SU, JP, US, and GB. Each  country's territory features fighter fields, bomber fields, factories, villages, and rail yards. Unlike FA 1.5 these are not static objects on the map. Each of these areas (called scenes in the FA 2 jargon) provide resources to the country. Taking a scene removes those resources from the vanquished team and transfers the resources to the conquering country. To see how your country/team is doing in the Territorial Combat room hit 'CTRL-L' to see the resource screen. At the bottom you will see how many
scene your country controls and the total plane, ammo, and tank resources.

When the TC room starts land and resources are equally divided amongst the 5 countries. In order to take over an area your team needs to damage 25% of the structures (barracks, ammo bunkers, fuel tanks, trucks, factories, headquarters, etc) in a scene. Once the damage has gone over 25% the AI triggers your countries tanks to attack the scene. If there are no enemy tanks defending the scene the AI will also trigger a defensive tank group to protect the scene. Everyone knows by know the importance of protecting your tanks, whether on the attack or the defense.

To capture a scene, the attacking team needs to have:

  • At least one tank present at the scene.
  • No defending tanks surviving at that scene.

The Supply System for FA II Territorial Combat Arenas:
1. Supplies come from the factory. There are Plane, Tank, Fuel and Ammo factory buildings. Factories are all found together in one scene -- the one with the smokestacks on it. Each country has two of these factory scenes.

2. Supplies are carried from the factory out to the rail stations and airfields by train.

3. To create player planes, the airfield must have a supply of planes, fuel and ammunition. If there is insufficient fuel or ammo, you will see the "fuel/ammunition limited to 20%" message.

4. If the field is out of Plane supply, you will see nothing, but the field will grab the nearest Tank resources it can find to make up the difference. This is important because the more planes you lose, the fewer tanks you will have at nearby rail stations to attack or defend with.

5. Tanks are created at rail stations, or at the factory (whichever is closest when the trigger happens). The rail station must have a supply of Tanks, Fuel and Ammunition to create the tank group. If it is lacking any of these resources, you will see the "There are no tanks available to..." message.

6. When you land at an airfield, any resources you are carrying are placed in storage at that field. This means you can RESUPPLY a field by flying a plane to that field, landing on it, then tabbing to another field, or exiting flight. So if you capture a field that is not on the rail line with your factory, you an supply it by flying bomb-laden bombers in and landing there. You must then exit flight or tab from that field, to supply the field.

Strategic Thinking:
What most people don't understand is how tanks spawn (appear on the map). If you look at the map you will see that each field (bomber or fighter) is near a factory or a railyard. When a field comes under attack the tanks are sent from the nearest village/factory/railyard to defend the field. All too often I have see pilots head straight to the airfield to trigger a ground
attack. WRONG!

Destroy the nearby village/factory/railyard FIRST! Once the area that supplies tanks to the fighter field is captured the field will be left undefended! That means that it takes only ONE (1) tank to capture a field.
So the order I use to capture a field is as follows:
1) Attack and destroy all the tanks surrounding the nearby scene (e.g. a railyard).

2) Once the tanks are all gone, and only then, start attacking buildings to trigger the AI attack.

3) If the country has a large number of tank resources a new defensive unit may appear before your tanks arrive. If this happens have team members attack the new tanks.

4) Provide air cover for your tanks. The cannon/rocket equipped airplanes can stop a tank column very fast. Stay over the tanks, don't get caught chasing a plane away from a tank column while his friends destroy the rest
of your tanks.

5) On average it will take your tanks 1-2 minutes after they arrive on scene (assuming that you have already killed all the enemy tanks) to capture the scene.

6) As soon as you see the message that says "xxx has captured the (blank) and XX,00" shift your attack to the nearby fighter/bomber field.

If you follow this approach your country will lose far fewer tanks and will be able to capture territory (scenes) much faster.

Although the bombers make great mobile AAA platforms that is not why they are in FA2. Bombers are the long arm for each of the TC countries (although, JP and GE are really on the short end in this category). The bombers allow you to reach out and hurt the other team deep behind enemy lines. I admit this requires a great deal of patience and a single bomber will not do much
good. However 3 Pe-8s or 3 B-17s will make a big hole in the ground when you decide to drop 96 200lb bombs on a target. Each country starts out with 2 factory scenes. One is in the middle of a countries territory and the other is in the rear. All tank, plane, and ammo production is linked to these factories. Early in the game reduce your enemies ability to produce tanks by bombing the factory complexes.

When bombing airfields remember that bombing the runway will not trigger an attack. It will make it difficult for the enemy to get airborne but it won't damage the scene. You need to bomb to the left and right of the runway to hit the support structures. Again, once a scene takes 25% damage the tanks will start to roll. If you bomb from at least 10,000 feet (ground alt, not sea - use ALT-A to change your altimeter) you can drop your bomb load and roll out before you are in direct AAA fire.

Unless your country enjoys a significant numerical advantage do not trigger more than one attack at a time. You will not be able to cover the tanks and attack the ground targets for multiple scenes without letting the enemy have an opening. Pick a starting point and slowly work from the outside of the enemy territory (tanks have to travel over more open ground) to the interior.

Victory goes to the country with the most scenes when one of the other countries loses all of its scenes. If two teams are tied  when a country is wiped out, ghe game continues until they are not tied.

The server resets and the war goes on.

Original location of text written by Intruct@FAIP


Revised: 02/22/00